Until the end of the Sea

Phase one. Work hypothesis and methodology.

Photo courtesy Domenico Licchelli
Photo courtesy Domenico Licchelli

Until the end of the sea is a research project on the theme of the so-called Extreme Lands declined in three phases. This that has just ended, the first, is in some ways the most delicate as it was based on the need to establish coordinates and codes in a very short time that necessarily leads to forcing in the relations between the territory and its landscape both geographic and anthropological; the station as the heart of the research; and the artists that  for two weeks have lived in the station responding to the theme of the extreme acting almost as incubators of an experience that has been limited, so far, to gather information and knowledge of different nature intertwining with an extremely slow time.

A working session at Lastation with Domenico Licchelli

The moments of pause, almost declined in a leisure dimension are, in fact, in the context of a six months research project whose goal is not to produce a work but a book, as important as those of knowledge and deepening. These moments then intertwined with the everyday life and those places that feed the social relations to Gagliano del Capo; the traces left by the artists who participated in the past editions; the professionals and finally the associations that operate in the same territory.

In this phase, in fact, the high knowledge, in particular the scientific one that had as objective to mark the boundaries and to delineate the geomorphological structure of the territory and its possible implications of anthropological nature, it mingled in a almost organic way with the most varied forms of knowledge: from the one made directly through the excursions, to that of the transmission of the memory through the narrative, to the agronomic to, finally, the emotional one.

Luca Coclite design a map of the Extreme Lands through the works made by the artists that have participated in the previous editions

The territory in its vast stratigraphy has acted as a kind of platform, or rather, a complex device of traces or points so far suspended that will be finally united in a time not driven by the mechanisms of the forced production or rather in a form that, through the book, will become a sort of rhizome leaving free space to other hypotheses of work and research for the artists themselves, for Ramdom and for those artists/researchers who will come afterwards.

Exploring the territory with Association Salento Verticale


Binds, traces, notes…

Photo curtesy Carolina Valencia Caicedo
Photo curtesy Carolina Valencia Caicedo
Photo curtesy Lia Cecchin
Photo curtesy Lia Cecchin



Ramdom will be part of the Athens exhibition at the Platform Project. May 17-20, at stand 19.On this international occasion, we are proud to present the works of Jacopo Rinaldi (Interval) and Roberto Memoli (Verderame), two of the four residents of the project Untile the end of the sea.

Our stand includes works by Alessandro Carboni, Luca Coclite, Carlos Casas and Giuseppe De Mattia.

Check it out https://platformsproject.com/

Residency program brand new

On the basis and in continuity with the experience activated last year (2017-2018) with the participation of four artists – Simona di Meo, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravera and Jacopo Rinaldi – Ramdom‘s association, winner for the second and consecutive year of the grant SIAE | Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura, will develope an artist’s residency program that goes under the title Sino alla Fine del Mare. The program will see the participation of the artists’ duo Riccardo Giacconi + Carolina Valencia Caicedo and Lia Cecchin, plus Romina De Novellis and Elena Mazzi

The program will be curated by Claudio Zecchi.

The residency, in continuity with Ramdom’s research on the topic of the so-colled Extreme Lands, methodologically aims to investigate about the process as an investigative tool and place of formalization of research. The territory and its communities, main objects of this survey, will be addressed from different perspectives through the participation as tutors of some professionals in other disciplines: Dominico Licchelli (Education and Public Outreach Specialist, Osservatorio Astrofisico R.P.Feynman e Progetto POLARIS), Aria Spinelli and Maria Pecchioli (Independent researcher/curator and artist, Radical Intention); Michele Romanelli (Psychologist, Humus Interdisciplinary Residence) and Massimo Carozzi (Artist, Zimmerfrei).

Sino all Fine del Mare (2018-2019) is a project organized by Ramdom with the support of MiBACTand SIAE, within the program Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura.

(Italiano) Sino alla fine del mare: le azioni e la mostra

Performative practices with Claudio Zecchi

Some pictures of the exercises developed during Claudio Zecchi’s workshop for the project Until the end of the sea – Sino alla fine del mare. The artists in residence have been introduced into Zecchi’s Performative Practices the first week of October.

Workshop Zecchi. Exercises

Fieldnotes: Roberto Memoli (2)

“Then, to think of intervening in transformative dynamics of a place presupposes the ability to understand the visible and unseen dimension of the actions that are overlapping there, of the signs that may have been integrated, deleted, partially or completely, or simply overlapped; the ability to capture, in very different contexts, the value of the measure of sings as a synthesis of the quality and incisiveness of the actions that have deposited or are going to be deposited. […]Therefore it doesn’t seem possible to think that at everyday’s transformational operations that are added, there are subtracted, or re-asembled, signs of the landscape, without reconsidering the criterion of complexity, understood also as a system and demonstration of a territorial and environmental organization that always exceed local dimension”.

Laura Zampieri,  Per un progetto nel paesaggio,   Quodlibet Studio


“Landscape, for me, indicates that at the doors of our gaze. […] That thing we conservate in our memory after have stopped looking, that we conservate in our memory after have stopped exercising our senses within a space invested by the body.”

Gilles Clément,  Giardino, paesaggio e genio naturale,  Quodlibet


Let’s start this time from sedimented suggestions and not from the idea of having to return something of the place to the place itself, due to that who lives in the place may knows it better than us. Creating an action that arouses curiosity. Something extraordinary and/or unusual.

Here doesn’t finished anything.

What lights up at night brings stories with itself, memories erased, voids, places to be replaced on a vast surface.

Fieldnotes: Roberto Memoli (2)

New month, new guest

Next week a new workshop coordinated by Elena Mazzi


Elena Mazzi was born in 1984 in Reggio Emilia (Italy). She received her BFA in 2007 in History of Art from Siena University, and her MFA in 2011 in Visual Art from IUAV, Venice University. She was selected for an exchange program at Royal Academy of Art (Konsthogskolan) of Stockholm.Her works have been displayed in many solo and collective exhibitions, among others: 16° Rome Quadriennal, GAM Turin, 14° Istanbul Biennale, 17° BJCEM Mediterranean Biennale, EGE-European Glass Experience, Fittja Pavilion at the 14° Architecture Venice Biennale, COP17 in Durban, Festival of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, Botkyrka Konsthall, Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels and Stockholm, XIV BBCC Expo in Venice, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.She attended different residency programs and workshops such as HIAP (FI), GuilmiArtProject (IT), Via Farini (IT), Foundation Botin (SP), Bevilacqua La Masa (IT), Future Farmers A.I.R. (USA), Fondazione Spinola Banna in Turin (IT), Dolomiti contemporanee (IT), Botkyrka Konsthall Air (SE).She is one of the finalists at Celeste Prize, Fabbri prize, Meru prize and Termoli prize and the winner of Thalie Art Foundation grant 2017, VISIO Young Talent Acquisition prize, Eneganart prize, Illy grant for Unidee, Pistoletto Foundation 2016, ntcm e l’arte 2016, m-cult media and technology program 2016, Special mention for Arte Patrimonio e diritti umani, Antworks award 2015, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo prize 2015, Lerici Foundation grant in 2012 and Movin’up Italian prize for young Italian artists abroad in 2011.In 2016-2017 she is tutor artist for Spinola Banna Fondation program in collaboration with GAM, Turin.

Until the end of the sea: Default17

Sino alla fine del mare: the selected artists!

Sono state selezioni dure, la qualità delle application ricevuto ha messo in seria difficoltà la giuria.

Ringraziamo vivamente tutti gli artisti che hanno presentato la propria candidatura. Auguri ai selezionati e in bocca a coloro che non lo sono stati.

La giuria, composta da Claudio Zecchi, Valentina Casacchia, Francesco Petrucci e Paolo Mele ha selezionato i seguenti artisti:

Nuvola Ravera

Simona Di Meo

Roberto Memoli

Ai tre si aggiunge Jacopo Rinaldi, selezionato dalla commissione di Default17.

Ci/vi aspettano sei mesi estremi! A lavoro!