Nuvola Ravera: “Landscape-territory limits are horizon of visions and suggestions”

The research of the artist Nuvola Ravera is inspired by the experience system referred to the biography. Her interests are connected to the reconstruction of the neglect, narrative of folklore or the habits of specific groups of people, and concentrates her work on psyche-related issues, perception, study of the dreamlike dimension of non-ordinary states through dialogue with other discipline in a continuous conflict and reestablishment between the parties and the crisis of several languages. When she talks about her project for the artistic residence “Until the end of the sea” (Sino alla fine del mare) and her experience of the territory of Leuca, the form of her speech also reflects her way of looking at what she has around.

-After these three months of residence, do you think that this is an extreme land?

Instead of extreme lands I would talk about other worlds and other ways of being there. Isaac Newton said that “what we know is a drop and that we ignore is an ocean”. We could consider the extreme as what we ignore and our center could be considered as the confort zone we are aware of.

The end idea is generally established in societies based on rules and boundaries given by hegemony that establish values from universal and self-centered claims.

The marginality condition is sometimes a psychological impasse in which it cradles, both a dominant central system that puts the margins of the entities, so much to those who feel inscribed in a state of exclusion in some places forgotten. This is to emphasize the need to familiarize with what is commonly given peripheral and to try to relieve the rhetoric and the tension of crisis and the lack of this kind of duality in which we easily lament.

-Which are the elements that are influencing much more your creative process?
Landscape-territory limits are horizon of visions and suggestions. Surrogates from the other world, stones, the lands, sea and sky, vegetation sites are constantly settling for the search for an equilibrium fit with the anthropized and the living. These elements contribute to paint a useful scene for approaching, though with a partial look at the emergence of hidden things. They are a call so that goes on into the transformation of this experience.

-On which aspects do you propose to focus for your final project?
The work is articulated in three essential phases:

1 First of all the interest is in getting out the subterranean parts of the place unconsciousness by a look that borrows the own tools of psychoanalysis in a non-linear narration.
2 By the observation of the territory are emerging fractions of joy and material and immaterial suffering to take charge through one or more symbolic actions – explosion rituals not resolved for sharing them at the public space building evocative objects.
3 Lastly to complete the cycle of exchange it is being delineate the hypothesis of a meeting in which more personalities are called to dialogue in a describing and non-didascalic manner about the territory psyche in front of an audience.

-Three words for defining these extreme lands?



+Party, “party is an excess allowed, even offered, the solemn infraction of a prohibition” Freud

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Interview by Maria Dabén Florit