Roberto Memoli: “it’s a land that lives in an specific cyclic nature”

The sound and visual artist Roberto Memoli, one of the selected artists for the residence “Until the end of the sea” (“Sino alla fine del mare”) in Gagliano del Capo (Italy) works exploring the element of the sound and reflecting about the concepts limit, economy, systems and attention to the detail. After coordinating the project “Ur.L.O -Urbino Laptop Orchestra” and participating in festivals like Robot Festival (Bologna) or Transient Festival (Paris) he has started a soloist production in uenza noise/lo and conducts projects in different creative ways adopting an actitude connected with contemporary languages.

In this period of his residence in Gagliano, describe by Roberto as “the second phase”, we have asked him some questions for knowing more about his thoughts and production during this residence experience.

-After these three months of residence, do you think that this is an extreme land?
I don’t know if this is really an extreme land; surely it’s a land that lives in an specific cyclic nature.

-Which are the elements that are influencing much more your creative process?
In my residency I lived a first open research phase closer to exploring the territory through photography, sound and dialogue with people. It was a phase devoted to the perception of the territory, where it is immediately evident a different rythm of living.

-On which aspects do you propose to focus for your final project?
During this time, that I define as a second phase – divided after the summertime – I’ve decided to focus on two different and specific topics: on the memory of a tradicion; on the landscape change.

-Three words for defining these extreme lands?
Branched / Uncertain / Transient.

Know more about Roberto Memoli and his field notes.

Interview by Maria Dabén Florit