Until the end of the sea.

Phase two. Anthropic and environmental landscape.

Free the research from the moment of the production; Insisting on a radically slow time; Tracing stories and detecting possible formats – not formalized works in the strict sense of term – are just some of the conditions that have pushed the research in a trajectory that aims to shape and deepen the boundaries of a human landscape, where, so far, the core of the investigation was mainly focused on the landscape and its geographical circumstances.

In this sense, it is perhaps better to think at the word landscape from a wider perspective and talk rather of “spaces” in the plural. «[…] The territorial evidence are different and influence the artistic choices. The word “spaces”, deliberately in quotation marks, implying the environment, the landscape or the territory. These are terms that would originally have different connotations: it does not change the object of analysis, but the way of observing it, which determines the conceptual category expressed through the choice of terminology. […]» (A. Pioselli, L’arte nello spazio urbano, premessa).

Sessione di lavoro presso Lastation con Massimo Carozzi, foto credits Claudio Zecchi

Thelandscape is thus the place of both the individual and collective perception inthe “making” of a place as a “landscape” (A. Pioselli) and in this second phaseof the work the artists have been pulled towards a much wider reading throughthose tools, or viewing places, offered by professionals in different disciplines.

Startingfrom the conflictual definition of territory and community investigated withpsychologist Michele Romanelli, the gaze layed then, through an experimentaland dysfunctional methodology, on the possibility to actually identify apossible relationship between the real extreme land and the extreme dreamlikeland (Radical Intention). Here the collective work in its processualimplication, imposed in the first place the need to focus on a language thathas been constantly and radically re-negotiated as a common glossary. A totallyre-invented glossary in order to determine the place where one is located andunderstand, if and how the individual and collective emotional level can bemutually influenced in a shared condition. The result partially achieved hasbeen a map, an in-progress landscape where one, in the words of Clavino –switching the word city with the word space – «should never confuse the citywith the discourse that describes it».

Sessione di lavoro presso le grotte delle Cipolliane con Massimo Carozzi, foto credits Lia Cecchin

Riccardo Giacconi e Carolina Valencia Caicedo, sessione di registrazione, foto credits Carolina Valencia Caicedo 

The map tends indeed torelate two planes tracing the threshold of a limbo in which the emotionalaspect is constantly present. A fragile and ephemeral aspect in which the sounddimension is fully present, since the listening, and finally explored with artist Massimo Carozzi (Zimmerfrei). A dimension that contributes to furtherenlarge the plan of the survey as a tool capable of thinking the”spaces” – in both their anthropic and environmental nature – withoutimages and broaden thus by paradox, their emotional power. The sound becomeshence a tool through which approaching people (how?), collecting testimoniesand creating a common narrative that, by not giving a precise geographicalindication, moves from a particular towards a universal plan.

Riccardo Giacconi e Carolina Valencia Caicedo, sessione di registrazione, foto credits Riccardo Giacconi

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