Until the end of the Sea. The book

Ramdom is pleased to announce that since June 10th the publication Sino alla Fine del Mare. Investigation on the extreme lands will be distributed. The book is a project by Ramdom, published by Viaindustriae.

What are Extreme Lands? Extreme compared to what? How can we narrate them? What happens when the vision of the locals everyday’s life mingle with that of the artists coming from other places? Can we consider the extreme lands, or more generally what is peripheral and marginal, a methodology per se? The extreme lands invited us to investigate a state of infinite and complex relationships in which marginality becomes a parameter capable of questioning and rethinking the notion of the center both as a geographical place and as a place of artistic or cultural production.

Until the end of the Sea, tries to answer these questions narrating some stages of interdisciplinary research known under the name of Investigation of the Extreme Lands launched by Ramdom in 2014.

Until the end of the Sea, aims to focus on a five-year long-term research on the theme of the so-called Extreme Lands of which Ramdom has become over time a privileged observatory. The book is a sort of database and a tool for investigating and spreading the results so far obtained through the intervention of professionals in different disciplines whose goal is to build a new cognitive mapping of the land’s end.

Starting from the specific case of Gagliano del Capo and Basso Salento, the book becomes a universal device capable of creating an ideal bridge with similar geo-anthropological situations. In addition to the artists involved – Elena Mazzi e Rosario Sorbello; Romina De Novellis; Lia Cecchin; Riccardo Giacconi e Carolina Valencia Caicedo – who translated the theme through the tools of visual language, the book can count on the contribution Paolo Mele, Claudio Zecchi, Radical Intention, Massimo Carozzi, Domenico Licchelli, Luca Coclite, Heba Amin e Francesca Girelli, Alessandro Carboni Carlos Casas and Alessandra Pioselli. This diversification brings a dual function: on the one hand narrate the theme of the Extreme Lands from different perspectives, on the other indicate the multi-disciplinary methodology with which Ramdom has always approached the work creating relations capable of multiplying the plans of access and deepening.

A project by Ramdom

Book published by Viaindustriae, Foligno, 2019, pag. 144, 15 €

Edited by Paolo Mele, Annapaola Presta, Claudio Zecchi

Texts by: Paolo Mele, Claudio Zecchi, Radical Intention, Massimo Carozzi, Domenico Licchelli, Luca Coclite, Heba Amin e Francesca Girelli, Alessandro Carboni, Carlos Casas, Alessandra Pioselli, Elena Mazzi e Rosario Sorbello, Romina De Novellis, Lia Cecchin, Riccardo Giacconi e Carolina Valencia Caicedo

La pubblicazione si è resa possibile grazie al supporto del bando / The publication has been possible thanks to the support by SIAE | Sillumina Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura e MiBAC e Regione Puglia Dipartimento turismo, economia della cultura e valorizzazione del territorio. Sezione economia della cultura.