Fieldnotes: Nuvola Ravera (1)

#01 Notes for a residence
The whole universe tries to spend the lowest energy as possible



I propose to discuss the “finis terre” or “terra estrema” topic starting from reelaborating the research methodology which was started in Venice, in Via Germinale, and that wants to rethink the environment as a living organism due to the psychic echoes. To do this I would like to make use of the support of one or more professionals with whom to establish some critical conversations. The collaboration between me and a psychoanalyst in dialogue with the territory to carry out the series of en-plen air sessions, so that considering the landscape as the patient guardian of the unconscious. It takes a long time to start. This resistance hasn’t been submitted to the character of the place recently.
Some slowdones during the research of an interlocutor with certain characteristics are making me pick up some significative elements found during my residence. Exercises, verifications and lectures go along with me while I’m trying to build a relationship with the places, the land, the space, the voids. Pretending to have already started the sessions or identifying myself in the absent analysis, I collect visual signals and suggestions.

As a result of the analysis, the intention is to overcome the possible symptomatic indication through symbolic gestures that encapsulate the meaning of what I have found.
Without the pretense of identifying myself as the curative figure and of course not the intention of propose a geographical organisms’ reform, I wish that, by the sessions, I would arrive to poetical apparitions that force the elements emerging towards a slight shift of perception, the creation of doubts, the attention’s training, the taking over of an area’s boundaries, both internal and physical.

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