Fieldnotes: Roberto Memoli (1)

“Water has exceptional means to satisfy its own desires: it tastes things up. They bend the edges, erode their surfaces, filtering among the strings on the road. The one who hesitates is lost.”

Luca Trevisani,  Water ikebana stories about solid & liquid things,  Humboldt Books


Noises were out.

A mix of curiosity and fear blocked me at the entrance of that cave.

That low sound led me down.


Dead in the throat.

His ears sizzle and take shots.

The sounds are masked.

Liquid space.


The horizontal plane does not match us with the sea and the ground.


An intervention in space. Bringing something in context.

It is not about giving back, but giving. What can I give?


Ghost ships pass in invisible areas.

How can you return an invisible area?

An invisible area can be rethought through the sound side.

Sound is the element for defining a space.


Caves and landscapes in resonance boxes.

Fieldnotes: Roberto Memoli (1)